Kelly recognizes and believes that safety training is a key to providing our clients with excellent service and ensuring that our employees work in and maintain a safe environment.


Kelly Cable is committed to safety, and as such our safety procedures and training methods are continually improving and evolving. Employee safety is paramount to the success and safe completion of every project we undertake.

Every Kelly Cable employee undergoes formal instruction, practical training, as well as regular evaluations. All equipment is thoroughly inspected and compliant with FMCSA regulations. A safe work environment prevents unnecessary injuries and increases productivity.

Formal Training

Our employees receive full training on safety techniques in order to avoid hazards and create an OSHA-compliant and safe work environment on each and every project.

Regular Evaluations

Certifications and skills are regularly evaluated to ensure that every employee and job-site is compliant with federal guidelines and safety standards.

Equipment Inspections

Every employee is provided with personal protection equipment (PPE) to fulfill the requirements of their job-site and responsibilities. In addition, regular maintenance and inspection of PPE and heavy equipment is performed to ensure safety and quality of work.

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